Silversquare @Befimmo Triomphe

Silversquare @Befimmo Triomphe

Silversquare Triomphe  is a Coworking space designed by Lionel Jadot, the famous Belgian interior architect. He turned Triomphe into a place where materials, textures and colors trigger our minds, making people think more out -of-the-box. The apotheosis being the common space, a friendly place for colleagues and friends furnished with antique furniture to reinforce the impression of home. By not aligning any of the TecnoWood walls or the floor covering with each other, he tries to blur the boundaries of the private spaces according to his vision of the “flou artistique”. At the same time, the bamboo profiles of the TecnoWood partitions reinforce the ‘back to nature look’.
The well-known atrium of this building was integrated in this coworking concept by placing ‘boxes’ as meeting rooms, surrounded by a vegetable garden and plants.
The result of the whole is a purposeful break in style, to boost the conviviality and the dynamism between the members.
Client:Silversquare @Befimmo
Architect:Lionel Jadot