TecnoSpace is planting a forest!

At TecnoSpace, we are not only committed to helping build a unique workspace, but also to protecting our planet. That’s why we have established a valuable partnership with Out of Use, an organization specializing in electronics recycling.

This initiative allows us to make a positive contribution to the environment.


Out of Use helps us responsibly dispose of old mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, contains valuable materials that can be reused, but also harmful substances that can cause serious environmental problems if improperly handled. By partnering with Out of Use, we ensure that our discarded electronics are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, recovering materials and safely removing harmful substances.




The proceeds from recycling our electronics are donated by TecnoSpace to Natuurpunt  ( Nature point), an organization dedicated to nature conservation in Flanders. Specifically, they use these funds to plant additional forests. Trees play a crucial role in combating climate change: they absorb CO2, provide shelter for countless species, and improve air quality.





Recycling electronics and planting trees are both essential steps towards a more sustainable future. Electronics often contain rare and valuable materials that can be reused, reducing the need for new mining. At the same time, planting trees directly reduces CO2 in the atmosphere, helping to slow down global warming.

In collaboration with Out-of-use and Natuurpunt,
all Tecnospace employees collected IT equipment from friends and family,
enabling the planting of 80m² of forest.

Thanks to all donors,
we are already looking forward to new opportunities!






Join us 

Everyone can contribute to this green initiative. By turning in your old mobile phones, laptops, and PCs to Out of Use, you directly help reduce e-waste and support the planting of new forests in Flanders.