Silversquare Bailli

Silversquare Bailli

Silversquare, one of the pioneers of coworking in Belgium! They offer coworking spaces which should help grow the development of entrepreneurs.

This coworking space with private and communal areas, meeting rooms, lounges and bar is a place where you and your partners can work and inspire each other in a unique environment.

TecnoSpace has helped build multiple Silversquare projects such as: Silversquare Stéphanie, Silversquare Triomphe and Silversquare Luxembourg, all with their own unique design. Silversquare collaborates with artists and designers to give an extra soul to the workspaces. While SQ Triomphe appealed to Lionel Jadot, Silversquare Bailli collaborated with Krjst Studio. Krjst Studio was founded by two young artists Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx. They are well known for their contemporary tapestries. The entire coworking space is designed to stimulate the imagination. From the tapestries to the feet of the tables, nothing is standardized. On every floor a certain print and color occupy centre stage and appear in the tapestries, furniture, carpets, and other interior design elements like swing chairs and room dividers.

The private and communal spaces were created using the TecnoPure glass partitions. The black, slim U-profiles connect seamlessly with the total experience and create the necessary transparency between offices. Single glazed framed doors as well as framed sliding doors were chosen for the doors. By equipping these with electric locks, every space can be controlled as required.

On the ground floor, around the beautiful garden, TecnoSpace supplied the glass in the existing boxes. No straight TecnoPure partitions but sloped, so they blend in perfectly with the environment.

Client:Silversquare Bailli
Architect:Krjst Studio