Sequana Medical

Sequana Medical

On this project, we used our TecnoPure, Tecno+ and TecnoBloc partitions. These contribute to a sleek and refined result.The Tecno+ partition is made of single acoustic glass, while the large conference room is equipped with the TecnoBloc double acoustic partition.

A combination of black and white was chosen for the interior design.These essential colors complement each other perfectly. The robust character of the black profiles combined with the lightness of the white gyproc walls creates a unique and contrasting look. This gives the room a fresh, spacious feel.

One of the challenges of this project was to combine different partition and glass types. We worked with three different types of glass: grey smoked glass, 88.2mm, 55.2mm and 33.1/332A . Grey smoked glass gives a mysterious and luxurious look. We also installed an eye-catching partition combined with five different types of patterned glass, ranging from chinchilla to cathedral glass.This glass wall separates the stairwell from the office space, where elegance and privacy were paramount.

Client:Sequana Medical