TecnoSpace was one of the parties that cooperated at the new Optima office building on the corner of the Keizer Karelstraat and the Gebroeders Van Eyckstraat.

After Optima Bank was declared bankrupt, the work on the office building was halted for a moment until a possible solution offered itself. TecnoSpace was therefore asking to join the new Belfius story. This resulted in six sleek floors with office spaces and their necessary accents. The accents were mainly laid in the coffee corners, this with the custom work, the sparkling red carpet in which the logo was processed as a focus.

On the ground floor one is welcomed in an open entrance hall, where the desk is an eyecatcher because of its exceptional design and red accents.

Next to it is the large, open cafeteria, which has been visually arranged with the necessary care. This by means of variation in the floor covering (parquet & screed), finishing materials and working with height differences in the ceiling.

Client:Belfius Bank - Belfius Lease