Fire resistant partitionsTecnoFlame Steel

TecnoFlame Steel

The most common RF partitions are made of steel which makes TecnoFlame Steel the most extensive collection of fire resistant partitions. The profiles are wider than those of the TecnoFlame Alu partitions.

You can choose from different RF glazings EI30/EI60/…. depending on the required standard.
The fire-resistant glass is equipped with a fire resistant interlayer that will spontaneously swell and form a fire resistant and opaque foam in case of fire.
A flush fire resistant seal is provided between the glass plates. If the glass is exposed to direct UV light, it will be equipped with a UV film.

There are 3 types of fire zones and escape routes. For partitions you can choose between EI30, EI60 and EI120. For the doors, you have the choice between EI30 and EI60.

Different types of doors are possible:

  • Single and double swing doors
  • Single and double pivot doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Door assemblies with side and top panels

Fire doors can be equipped with glass, ventilation grids, hinges and locks (e.g. invisible hinges, door closer, badge, etc.)

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