DoorsFire resistant solid doors

Fire resistant solid doors

Fire resistant solid doors can be used to close fire resistant compartments and technical shafts. In case of fire, these fire doors are necessary to close the openings and thus prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent compartments.

The wooden fire doors and the door frame comply with the strictest standards. Depending on the conformity requirements of your project, different levels of fire resistance are possible EI30 and EI60. The conformity and origin of a door leaf is guaranteed by the labels applied to the hinge side of the door leaf.

The range in large can be in glass: single, double swing doors, side and top panels.

There is a wide choice of finishing options:

  • choice of a legion of hardware: including concealed hinges, door closers, …
  • finishing of the door leaf: ready to paint, HPL, veneer,…

For fire resistant doors TecnoSpace collaborates with:

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