DoorsFire resistant wooden frame doors

Fire resistant wooden frame doors

Fire resistant wooden frame doors can be used to close fire resistant compartments and technical shafts. In case of fire, these fire doors are necessary to close the openings to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent compartments.

The fire resistant frame door is equipped with one or more glass panels. The dimensions of the glass must comply with the following requirements:

  • Maximum surface area 1.85 m²
  • Maximum height 2440 mm

The glass is clamped by glass bars. The joints are finished with silicone. The doors, available in fire resistance EI30, comply with the most stringent standards. The conformity and origin of a door leaf is guaranteed by the labels on the hinge side of the leaf.

The range is large: Single or double swing doors, side and top panels possibly with glazing.

There is a wide choice of finishes:

  • Material: hardwood (volume mass min. 700 kg/m³ e.g. Meranti, Afzelia, Oak,…)
  • Choice from a wide range of hinges and locks: e.g. invisible hinges, door closers, …

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