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Pivot door wood

A pivoting wooden door, also known as a pivot door or pivot hinge door, uses pivot points in both the floor and the ceiling. This allows the door to rotate around its own vertical axis in both directions. A solid (wooden) pivot door provides more privacy in the space compared to other glass pivot doors. By giving the door panel the same finish as the surrounding walls, this door can be fully integrated into the whole and become almost invisible.

The unique design of a pivoting door brings a sense of elegance and minimalism to any space. The pivot points are carefully positioned, allowing the door to rotate smoothly and effortlessly. This creates an impressive visual effect and makes a powerful statement in your interior.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, pivoting doors also offer practical benefits. Because they pivot around a vertical axis, they do not require traditional door frames or hinges. This makes them particularly suitable for spaces where a seamless transition is desired. The door can be easily opened and closed by manual pulling or pushing on the door handle or knob, whether recessed or not.