Brussels Airlines welcomes passengers travelling to Africa in fully renewed Sunrise Lounge

Brussels, July 6th, 2023 – As from Friday July 7th, Brussels Airlines’ long-haul business class passengers travelling to Sub-Saharan Africa can enjoy a fully renovated Sunrise Lounge in the T-zone of Brussels Airport. With, among others, more seating, more sleeping comfort and a larger variety of quality food and drinks, the Belgian home carrier answers to the feedback of its passengers.

The Sunrise Lounge, in the T-zone of Brussels Airport, has been completely redesigned to a more spacious and comfortable lounge. Upon the entrance, the new lay-out draws visitors immediately to the bright main area with impressive views on the tarmac. The lounge has turned into a highly pleasant area to spend time in before getting on board of a flight to a wide range of Sub-Saharan African destinations.

A range of product features have been introduced to significantly improve the comfort of the new Sunrise Lounge: ​

  • A large buffet offers a high-quality food range, including a bigger variety of hot meals
  • The new Grohe Blue water fountains and a Coca-Cola soft drink dispenser further reduce the use of plastic bottles and cans, while a beer tap of the airline’s partner AB InBev gives guests the opportunity to tap their own perfect Belgian beer
  • Guests arriving from a connecting flight have the opportunity to get some sleep in one of the five ‘nap boxes’ before continuing their journey
  • Thanks to the Grohe design showers and restrooms, the Sunrise Lounge now offers state of the art facilities to refresh in one of the shower suites
  • The reorganized floor space increases seating capacity by 25%

At Brussels Airlines, every employee does their utmost to make their guests feel at home, on board and on the ground. As an ambassador of Belgium, the Belgian home carrier takes pride in working with local brands. In the Sunrise Lounge brands such as Ethnicraft, providing the natural oak wood furniture, and Serax, for the tableware and decorative accessories, contribute to the relaxing and cozy atmosphere of the lounge. A wallpaper design inspired by one of the many impressive landscapes on the African continent hints to the main use of this lounge as a relaxing place before flying onwards to Africa.

“We are delighted to offer our passengers travelling to Africa a very premium and homey lounge that caters to the needs of long haul travelers such as rest and relax, good food and the possibility to work. Focusing on what really matters to our guests, we are proud of our new Sunrise Lounge. Moreover, this complete make-over highlights our strong and long-standing connection with the African continent.” ​
​Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO, Brussels Airlines

Optimization of the infrastructure and offer in the T-zone ​
​In recent months Brussels Airport has also optimized the infrastructure in the T-zone, by among others adding seating capacity and a new Smurf-themed wall game for kids.

Shopping and food and beverage opportunities will also be expanded with the review of the duty-free offer and a new café area. Thanks to the installation of a pharmacy vending machine, long-haul passengers will also have quick access to a number of basic medical supplies.

And it won’t stop there, as further renovation plans for the T-zone are on the agenda in the coming months and in 2024.

“We always strive to offer all our passengers an optimal airport experience and a wide range of options to relax, shop, or have something to eat or drink. Thanks to Brussels Airlines’ renewed Sunrise Lounge and the improvements that Brussels Airport is making in that area, passengers travelling from our T-zone can enjoy their time at the gate in an even more comfortable and convenient environment.” ​
​Arnaud Feist, CEO, Brussels Airport Company

Source: Bruxelles Airlines, july 6th 2023