TecnoSpace helped to move Colliers International from Castle La Solitude in Auderghem to the emblematic Glaverbel building on Terhulpsesteenweg.

The project resulted in a beautiful looking landscape, with diversified spaces and very varied furnishing themes. Several closed workspaces and meeting rooms were formed by various system walls. This makes the office one living showroom of TecnoSpace: TecnoLine, TecnoPure, TecnoWood®, Tecno-10, …

Every space with its furnishing theme comes into its own by applying the right type of walls. For example, we find a greener environment with the TecnoWood® system walls and the Tecno-10 system wall brings the industrial character up in another zone.

The atypical doors place an extra accent on the system walls.

Client:Colliers International Belgium nv/sa
Architect:Colliers Design & Build