Brussels Airlines | Lounge

Brussels Airlines | Lounge

A new lounge for the business travelers of Brussels Airlines was realized in the strict secure transit area at Brussels Airport. Brussels Airlines lounge had to become a welcoming zone where business travelers could retreat, so the interior had to radiate peace of mind and certainly provide acoustic comfort.

Tecnospace succeeded perfectly in responding to these needs with an implementation in gyproc materials. In addition to placing gyproc walls, front walls, curved Vertebra walls and fire-resistant PlaGyp ceilings, the difficulty of this project was the creation of large round Gyproc islands that visually divide the space.

In combination with smooth lines, these provide the necessary rest in the Brussels Airlines lounge. In addition, offices, with a view of the tarmac, were redecorated by TecnoSpace. To ensure acoustic comfort in these offices, Rigitone 8/18 was chosen for the implementation of the Gyproc ceilings.

Client:Brussels Airlines
Architect:Raumwerk architekten Keulen
Location:Brussels National Airport - Tech Noord - Building 3 - 1930 Zaventem