Astrea Law

Astrea Law

Since January 1 2018, Law firm Astrea with branches is Brussels & Antwerp, has accommodated its Antwerp branch in the brand new project “The Link” at the Posthofbrug in Berchem.

TecnoSpace helped create 1853 sqm off office space and open working & living environment. The interaction between the different types of glass partitions (TecnoPure, TecnoLine, TecnoFlame-Alu and Tecno-10) created a modern and omnifarious working space. To break with the traditional office concept, a combination of different carpet tiles was used in addition to the use of color contrast.

The result is an atypical office with a professional and business character, complemented by a playful touch.

Client:Astrea Law
Architect:Conix RDBM Architects