Closed office partitionsTecnoLine 51dB

TecnoLine 51dB

If you have high demands on sound values, then TecnoLine 51dB is your partition.

The partition is equipped with two plasterboards, which gives these partitions an even higher sound insulation value of 51dB.
Apart from our TecnoSteel system partitions, no other wall achieves this sound insulation value.

The different TecnoLine partitions can be used interchangeably as their appearance and profiles are identical

You can design any wall of your choice according to your noise standards without this being visible in your design.

In addition, the TecnoLine range can be seamlessly combined with other partitions in our range such as TecnoBloc, TecnoPure II, TecnoGlass II,… or even plasterboard walls that have a wall thickness of 100mm.